Here are some of the students I am working with on urban tree health projects! (see more about people in the Clark lab here). If you are a student interested in working with us, feel free to reach out! There are, unfortunately, limited paid options for internships, but I am happy to talk with you and see what options are available.

Research Crew at Duke University fall 2021 – photo by Chloe Schueller
Research crew in Chicago for the summer of 2021











Current Students:


Andrea Nunes (School of the Art Institute of Chicago)


Chloe looking out from under the edge of a large rockChloe Schueller (Duke University)

Chloe Schueller is an undergraduate student at Duke University and is majoring in Earth and Climate Science and Public Policy. She is interested in sustainable and equitable development in addition to the clean energy transition. With a history of hands-on conservation work, she is heavily involved in the climate movement. In addition to working on and collecting data for the UrbanTree Health project with Renata, she is assisting in the composition of a literature review of the methods and outcomes of current and previous urban tree maintenance techniques. In her free time she enjoys knitting, hiking, baking, and too much true crime.


Elizabeth smiling and making a thumbs up sign by a tree

Elizabeth Huang (Whitman College)

Elizabeth is an undergraduate student at Whitman College majoring in geology and English. They are interested in conservation, human-environment interactions, and the intersection of science and the humanities. She is particularly interested in approaching human-environment interactions as a narrative to be told and analyzed. Her favorite geologic phenomenon is the Great Unconformity and her favorite author is Ernest Hemingway.


Justin standing on a grassy area on east campusJustin Xavier Smith (Duke University)

Since High School, I knew I wanted to be a part of a university research team. Luckily, I found a great one at Duke! Working with Renata on the Urban Tree Health project has helped me understand the dynamics and technicalities of the scientific inquiry/research process. As a technician, I helped to historically contextualize the work we are doing in Denver. I also developed questions that our team can answer in collaboration with local Denver resources. Participating in this environmental science research in my first year at Duke University enhanced my college experience and solidified my desire to work in the exciting, rapidly evolving field of environmental science.


Lucie Ciccone (North Carolina State University)

Lucie is a current undergraduate student at NC State University studying zoology and applied ecology. She is interested in human-wildlife interactions, conceptions of nature, and understanding histories of Place through both historical and ecological lenses. In particular, she is interested in how these relationships are being affected by climate change and other anthropogenic processes. Outside of the Urban Tree Health project, she is also a technician in the Youngsteadt Urban Ecology Lab, assisting with projects looking at urban ant diversity and the role that cities play in shaping insect thermal tolerance.


headshot of Maggio Lauidara

Maggio Laquidara (Duke Kunshan University)

Lorenzo Maggio Laquidara is an undergraduate student at Duke Kunshan University majoring in Environmental Science and Public Policy. He is interested in studying how decision-making structures inform human-nature interactions in complex social-ecological systems. His research is aimed at investigating how urban green space accessibility impacts integration and socio-economic empowerment among immigrant communities in European cities.


Past Students: