Duke University

Repository description: Duke University houses at least two collections of oral history, at the Sanford Public Policy School’s DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy and at the Rubenstein Rare Books and Manuscript Library, where oral histories collected by numerous academics—most of them associated with Duke—are housed.

Regulatory significance: The most significant collections of oral histories pertinent to regulation are at the DeWitt Wallace Center. The Behind the Veil collection at Rubenstein explores African American daily life during the Jim Crow era, and some interviews address regulation (and the lack thereof) of employment discrimination and agriculture.

Relevant projects:
Russian Reform
Southern Rural Poverty Project
Financial Crisis Project
Behind the Veil Project

Perspectives on Modern Regulatory Governance Project (interviews conducted by Edward Balleisen; hosted by the Regulatory Oral History Hub)

Digital access: All of the projects listed above have some digital access, though of varying completeness.

Physical access: For access to Rubenstein material, visit the library on Duke University’s West Campus, Durham, NC.

LinksDeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy; Rubenstein Library

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