Historical Society for the District of Columbia Circuit

Collection description: The historical society has conducted and maintains interviews with judges and lawyers who have influenced the DC circuit. Many of the interviews, conducted by volunteer attorneys trained by the DC circuit historical society, are quite long and were conducted over multiple days.

Regulatory significance: Not all interviews have regulatory significance, but many judges discuss rulings related to federal agencies and commissions. Further work needed to sort through which interviews are particularly relevant.

Location: Copies of the oral histories are kept at three locations: the Judges’ Library at the E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse; the Manuscript Reading Room of the Library of Congress; and the Historical Society of Washington, D.C.

Dates: 1990s – present

Access: Only a handful are under seal, such as one conducted with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Digital access: Most transcripts are available online, as well as photos of judges and biographical sketches.

URL: http://www.dcchs.org/OralHistory.asp

Interviewees: at least 76

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