California State Archives

Repository description: The California State Archives houses interviews with over 400 people in their combined Governmental History and State Government Oral History programs. The interview production effort began in 1969 with the Earl Warren Era Oral History Project. In 1985, the California State legislature established the State Government Oral History Program “to provide through the use of oral history a continuing documentation of state policy development as reflected in California’s legislative and executive history.” The website lists brief descriptions (a single paragraph) of each interview, but no further detail.

Regulatory significance: Many of these interviews promise to be of regulatory significance, though mostly from the legislative and executive level point of view rather than from any on the ground perspective.

Relevant projects: The subject index suggests that this is a fruitful cache on environmental policy (including water resources, air quality, and even an interview related to fish and game regulation), agriculture, consumer education/consumer protection, labor policy, health insurance, public health, and the role of lobbyists.

Digital access: No online access of these transcripts is available.

Physical access: Transcripts are available for a stated fee or through UC Berkeley’s Regional Oral History Office. Complete transcripts are also available at UCLA and the California State Archives in Sacramento. Microfilmed transcripts are available through ILL.


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