Ken Poss, PhD
James B. Duke Professor of Cell Biology
Ken Poss’s lab studies the regeneration of tissues like heart, appendages, and spinal cord in zebrafish. They have established many genetic tools to interrogate these spectacular examples of regeneration, revealing new concepts and mechanisms of tissue regeneration.
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BenAlmanBen Alman, MD
Chair and Distinguished James R. Urbaniak Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Ben Alman’s research focuses on understanding the role of developmentally important processes in the pathologic process involving the musculoskeletal system. The long-term goal of his work is to use this knowledge to identify improved therapeutic approaches to orthopaedic pathologic disorders.
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BursacNenad Bursac, PhD
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
The Bursac Lab researches the burgeoning field of regenerative medicine in which exogenous cells, molecules, or biomaterials are transplanted into the body to restore function of damaged or diseased tissues and organs. Nenad studies cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue engineering therapies, differentiation of pluripotent stem cells into striated muscle cells, and electrophysiology of excitable cells and tissues.
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Cagla Eroglu, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Cell Biology and Neurobiology
The Eroglu lab is interested in investigating the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie synaptic connectivity in the CNS. Distinct from many other laboratories, they view astrocytes as an integral part of the synapse with roles in synapse development, function, and plasticity. Their approach involves anatomical and imaging-based assays in pure primary neuron-astrocyte cultures or genetically-modified mice. Website  |  Email

photo of David Sherwood David Sherwood, PhD
Jerry G. and Patricia Crawford Professor and Associate Chair of Biology
The Sherwood lab is interested in understanding mechanisms that drive dynamic cellular behaviors underlying normal development and cancer progression. Dave studies 1) how cells invade into tissues, 2) How stem cells induce their niches, and 3) How cells arrest, maintain dormancy and then reactivate growth and migration.
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