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zebra-fish-heroA representative collection of media coverage and research breakthroughs.

Regenerative Medicine: New Clue from Fish about Healing Spinal Cord Injuries (NIH Director’s Blog, Nov 15, 2016)

Discovery of zebrafish protein highlights Duke’s Regeneration Next initiative (Duke Chronicle, Nov 11, 2016)

Scientists find key protein for spinal cord repair (Duke Today, Nov 3, 2016).

Working at Duke: Three fun facts about Regeneration Next (Duke Today, Nov 3, 2016)

Zebra fish could hold key to helping humans walk again (ITV News Nov 3, 2016)

Special Protein in Zebrafish May Lead to Full Spinal Cord Repair (Nature World News, Nov 4 2016)

Genetic elements that drive regeneration uncovered (Science Daily, April 2016)

Breakthrough offers hope to those with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (The Guardian, Dec 2015)

CRISPR helps heal mice with muscular dystrophy (Science/AAAS, Aug 2015)

Just a bit of DNA helps explain humans’ big brains (NPR, Feb 2015)

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