Announcing: RNI’s first student travel awards

Regeneration Next is pleased to announce travel grants to support six students. The travel award supports graduate students who present tissue regeneration-related research at relevant scientific meetings. Our first round of awardees are:

Colleen Drapek, Benfey Lab, Department of Biology. Colleen will attend the American Society of Plant Biology meeting and will present her work on “The Minimal Gene Regulatory network for Arabidopsis Root Endodermis differentiation.”

Lauren Heckelman, DeFrate lab, Department of Biomedical Engineering. Lauren attended the Orthopaedic Research Society conference and presented two projects: “In Vivo Behavior of Patellar Cartilage in Response to and Twenty-Four Hours following Running” and “In Vivo Exercise-Induced Glenohumeral Cartilage Strains.”

Jennifer Kwon, Gersbach lab, Department of Biomedical Engineering. Jennifer will attend the International Society for Stem Cell Research meeting to present her work on “Directing skeletal myogenic progenitor cell lineage specification with CRISPR/Cas-9 based transcriptional activators.”

Jason Wang, Bursac lab, Department of Biomedical Engineering. Jason will attend the EMBO conference on Muscle Wasting and will present his work on “Developing an in-vitro model for human skeletal muscle regeneration.”

Lifeng Yuan, Wang Lab, Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology. Lifeng will attend the International Society for Stem Cell Research meeting and will present work on “Negative regulation of mitochondrial intermembrane peptidase drives metabolic alteration and cell death blockage for initiating cellular senescence.”

Congratulations to these deserving students! The next deadline for the Regeneration Next travel grants will be September 28, 2017. Details and application instructions are here.

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