Mouse vouchers awarded to six investigators

house_mouseRegeneration Next supports expansion of animal models at Duke for the purposes of regenerative biology research. As such, RNI has awarded six new vouchers of up to $5,000 for new transgenic or genetically modified mice that will be used for tissue regeneration and/or stem cell research. The vouchers are redeemable for provision of services at the Duke School of Medicine Transgenic and Knockout Mouse Shared Resource. Congratulations to the PIs and their trainees!


  • Blanche Capel: Role of Lamin B Receptor in Male Germ Cell Differentiation and Epigenetic Regulation and Identification of Lamin Associated Domains During Male Germ Cell Differentiation and Epigenetic Programming Regeneration
  • Charles Gersbach: Generation of dCas9-­KRAB transgenic mouse line for screening of genes and enhancers during regeneration
  • Dwight Koeberl: Genome editing in a humanized mouse model of Pompe Disease
  • Ruorong Yan: Modulation of heart regeneration by enhancer-delivered factors
  • Eda Yildirim: Nucleoporin 153: Regulation of gene expression during specification of hematopoietic stem cell fate and
    embryonic development

The next callout for vouchers will be posted in early 2017 with an anticipated start date of June 1.

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