App Progress

  • This site!
  • Simple app with splash screen <- (was temporary, now outdated)
  • Database working!
  • Implemented RecyclerView of receipts
  • Implemented more detailed receipt view
  • New receipt activity where user can manually enter receipt details
  • Awesome new jingle
  • Take picture of receipt and scan it
  • View image of scanned receipt in database
  • Can now refine results by card and/or price range
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Documentation
  • Demo in class on 5/1!


Welcome to Receipt Geek!

This is a website dedicated to the development of Receipt Geek, an app developed by Matt Brecher, Trip Goff, Eric Morgenstern, and Jack Siman as a final project for CS 290.3 at Duke University.

Receipt Geek aims to be your personal database of spending information. Using Google CloudVision, RG will parse information from captured receipts and store it for future access. You will be able to specify the accounts used, record audio notes about transactions, and track your total spending.