After a year of #ReadingTheStone online together, it was so so lovely to finally meet so many fellow HLM 紅樓夢 enthusiasts at #AAS2023, and also for Eileen to chat with Ann for the first time in person (!) We missed you all who weren’t there though – our core group!

Thank you to I-Hsien Wu and Paola Giulia Zamperini for organizing such a fun and thought-provoking panel on “The Story of the Stone: Afterlives, Legacies, Reinventions” for #aas2023, and inviting Canaan Morse, Wai-yee, Ann, and Eileen Chow to join as well.  

Great talks from I-Hsien Wu on the landscape artist Yang Lingfu, who made a replica Prospect Garden without having read the book; Paola Zamperini on the HLM fashion system in text and adaptations; Canaan Morse on northern pingshu and the HLM storycloud. For the AAS panel description and abstracts, see here

The room was standing-room only, and we are so grateful for everyone’s enthusiastic engagement. We love that an audience member said our panel was the best rebuke to that recent New Yorker “the humanities are dying” article : )

Sharing a few images from the panel,

and a clip of Eileen querying the audience on their HLM reading habits