[Originally recorded on March 25, 2023]


“The Fellowship of the Stone” (thank you to one of the episode special guests, Paola, for our new sobriquet!) reconvened for a post finishing #ReadingTheStone wrap-up episode.

We welcomed a panoply of friends – all Hongloumeng scholars and teachers – our AAS “Hongloumeng Afterlives” panel-mates Paola Zamperini, Canaan Morse, I-Hsien Wu (see previous post), and also Carlos Rojas, Emily Wu, Steve Durrant, Scott Gregory, who dropped in to discuss their own origin stories and current research interests in Story of The Stone.

We heard from several members of our group, too – and of their experiences reading The Stone together this past year.  Ann, Waiyee, and Eileen concluded by discussing future thematic episodes that we’ll be hosting in the coming months, now that we have come to a conclusion of reading the story proper. Our next gathering will be on April 29 – watch this space or the @readingthestone twitter account for more details!

A fun aside: during our chat today Shelly Kraicer brought up a film he saw recently at the Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute – a 1977 modern-day Hongloumeng adaptation – set in Singapore, with a visiting Daiyu from Taiwan!

紅樓夢醒 /新潮紅樓夢 (邱剛健, 1977)