Transdisciplinary Think Tank Awardees

This is a list of the current and past awardees from the REACH Equity Transdisciplinary Think Tank program.

This award will provide support to bring together faculty across disciplines who have a common interest in addressing racial and ethnic disparities in the clinical encounter—an area where disparities are well-documented but evidence-based research identifying potential solutions is limited.

If you are interested in applying for the Transdisciplinary Think Tank program, please visit this page to learn more about this opportunity, the application requirements, and more.

The Transdisciplinary Think Tank program is led by REACH Equity's Research, Education, and Training Sub-core (RET), please visit their page here for more information about RET. 

Cohort 3: 2021-2022

Purnima Valdez, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Project Title: Addressing Disproportionate School Discipline Practices in the Health Encounter

African American youth experience higher rates of suspensions and expulsions for the same behavioral infractions committed by their white peers.  Teacher racial bias has been shown to contribute to these disparities. This award will bring together a working group of faculty and trainees in the Duke Department of Pediatrics and the Duke Law School to develop a provider education and school-based intervention program aimed at reducing racial disparities in school discipline and improving the psychological well-being of students.

Cohort 2: 2020-2021

Keisha Bentley-Edwards, PhD, Associate Professor in Medicine, Duke Department of Medicine, General Internal Medicine

Project Title: Cardiovascular Disease Hack-a-Thon & Pitch Competition

Cohort 1: 2018-2019

Photo of Julius Wilder, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Division of Gastroenterology 

Julius Wilder, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Duke Department of Medicine, Gastroenterology

Project Title: Social Network Analysis and Disparities in Organ Donation