Our Goals

  • Improve patient-centered care in the clinical encounter for all patients
  • Target aspects of patient-centered care for which there are known disparities
  • Target conditions and settings with documented disparities in health outcomes
  • Assess both patient perceptions of patient-centered care and objective measures
  • Include adequate samples of racial/ethnic minorities with known disparities
  • Actionable: Develop or test interventions

Learn More About Project 1: Development and Pilot Testing of an Implicit Bias
Training Intervention for Providers to Advance Equity in Healthcare

Objective: Development and feasibility testing of an implicit bias training intervention for providers


  • Focus groups to identify elements and behaviors associated with patient perceptions of implicit bias
  • Interviews with providers, health system stakeholders, experts to refine existing IB training
  • Determine feasibility of delivering the refined IB training and assessing patient-centered outcomes
  • Provide preliminary data for RCT of IB training

Learn More About Project 2 – The Effect of a Clinician Communication
Coaching Intervention on Racial Disparities in the Quality of Communication in Cardiology Encounters

Objectives: Determine whether a communication coaching intervention improves communication quality

Methods: Cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) of cardiology clinicians and their patients within cardiology clinics

Intervention: Communication coaching to increase empathic communication, information giving/gathering


  1. Change in objective measure of communication quality (audio-recorded encounters)
  2. Patient perceptions of the quality of patient-centered care

Learn More About Project 3 – The Effect of a Needs-targeted Intervention on
Racial Disparities in Unmet Needs of Patients and Families in the Intensive Care Unit

Objectives: Assess effect of needs-based care on family unmet needs in ICU

Methods: Cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) of ICU clinicians and family caregivers

Intervention: PCneeds Mobile App: families report needs on the app, care team receives this information; clinicians encouraged to address needs and receive decisional support to do so. 


  1. Change in unmet needs
  2. Patient-centered care
  3. ICU length of stay (LOS)