Call for Research Project: REACH Equity Center Renewal

The Duke Center for Research to Advance Healthcare Equity is seeking a research project and investigator to include in its renewal application (Spring of 2022).  The Center currently supports three research projects related to the REACH Equity theme to address racial and ethnic disparities in health by developing and testing interventions that improve the quality of patient-centered care in the clinical encounter. Current projects include: development and pilot testing of an implicit bias training intervention for providers; examining the effect of a provider communication coaching intervention on racial disparities in communication quality; and examining the effect of a needs-targeted intervention on racial disparities in unmet needs for families of ICU patients (

We would like to include a new project in the competing renewal application and invite investigators to submit proposal ideas.  Below are project and investigator criteria:

  1. The project may include any disease, phase of illness, and population (children or adults) but must be related to the REACH Equity theme.  See the REACH Equity conceptual model.
  2. Consistent with the REACH Equity theme, the project must occur in the clinical setting, address racial and ethnic disparities, and develop and/or test an intervention.
  3. The proposed research must be of sufficient scope. The budget is up to approximately $165,000 per year for 5 years.
  4. Although there is no specific rank requirement (projects may be led by Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor), investigator must have sufficient research experience and expertise to lead the project. This includes evidence of prior research funding and productivity.  For more junior investigators, we welcome submissions from pairs of investigators (senior and junior investigator) as appropriate.
  5. Duke investigators in any department, school, center, or institute may apply. REACH Equity is particularly committed to increasing diversity in the research workforce. Investigators from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups are encouraged to apply.
  6. REACH Equity projects are conducted as part of the larger goals of the Center. Investigators should be committed to addressing racial and ethnic disparities in health and healthcare and interested in participating in all aspects of the Center’s activities (research, education, community engagement, etc.). 

If you are interested, please submit the following (2-page maximum) for consideration by August 9, 2021.

  1. Background (description of problem, evidence of racial/ethnic disparity, and potential for intervention in the clinical setting to address the disparity)
  2. Specific Aims
  3. Brief description of methods
  4. Relationship to the REACH Equity theme
  5. Copy of CV (not included in 2-page max)

We plan to select a project by August 30, 2021.  While we have not yet received the funding announcement for the competing renewal, we are expecting a Spring 2022 submission (based on the previous application deadline).  The selected investigator will work with REACH Equity investigators and leaders to develop a full research proposal and contribute to full competing renewal application. 

Submit materials to: Cheryl Miller,