As a breast cancer surgeon and health disparities researcher, Oluwadamilola “Lola” Fayanju, MD, MA, MPHS, (assistant professor of surgery) is well aware of the disparities that exist in the healthcare system due to implicit racial biases and access to care. Outside of the hospital, however, Dr. Fayanju worries how these disparities affect mixed-race people, such as her sons.

In Fayanju’s “A More Just World”, featured in Duke Magazine’s Special 2019 issue, she addresses multiple perspectives on this issue, exploring existing biases, the way data is taken in disparities research, concepts of identity, and access to medical care.

In the examples Fayanju provides, from both her research and observations of her children, Fayanju illustrates how mixed-race people are often unaccounted or miscounted for in discussions about racial disparities, and how this can affect both the groups they are and are not considered part of.

You can read “A More Just World” here.