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I feel that we had a lot of free time in the pit — time to breathe and think. We did not feel the pressure of the audience’s attention — I never saw the audience in the house — though it was interesting to hear how each different showing responded each night. I’m sure that […]



For me, and probably the rest of the orchestra, this was my first week in Reynolds, where the show will actually happen. It’s finally become apparent to me how much effort and genius has been put into all areas of production. The set looked smaller from the audience than it actually looks on stage, but […]


More thoughts from the pit

Rehearsing for Ragtime music (my second musical) has been an interesting contrast to rehearsing for conventional orchestral performances. The pacing is entirely different – at first, I was surprised to find a (comparatively) huge stack of papers on my stand, and was hesitant that we could master it all in time for opening night. The written […]


Make Them Hear You

Hello from the pit! Ragtime is my second time playing pit orchestra (did Drood in high school) and my first experience working with Hoof ‘n’ Horn. It’s quite different from anything I have done before. The orchestra rehearsals and classes have been amazing so far — for me, the read-throughs and the novel were extremely helpful in enriching the […]


From the pit

Working with the pit this weekend, I realized how excited I am to do the song ‘Henry Ford’.  Although not the most epic or famous song from the musical, but I love how the percussion instruments throughout mimic the sounds of a factory. This version isn’t of the best recording quality, but I chose it […]