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UPDATED: Justice, Sarah. This is America.

UPDATE: Please forgive my tardiness in posting this image on our blog. I thought it better to get it out to Twitter and Facebook in the immediate moment. Below is the photo member of our ensemble took on March 28, 2012 to show our solidarity with Trayvon Martin’s family. Broadway’s original Sarah, Audra McDonald, our […]


Seeing Double–Kohlhaas, Coalhouse, and the Social Contract

Ragtime’s Coalhouse is heavily based on writer Heinrich Von Kleist‘s short novel, Michael Kohlhaas. The novella is about Kohlhaas’s quest for justice after  an official named Junker Wenzel von Tronka illegally confiscates two of Kohlhaas’s black nags (horses). Similar to Coalhouse’s struggle, Kohlhaas is unable to seek legal redress and is thus forced to take more drastic […]