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Houdini the he-man

To spare Matt from having to undertake an intensive escapism course, we’re going to be doing some misdirection to support the illusion of Houdini’s skills. To assist with this, here are some images of Houdini’s more “strong-man” pre- and post-escape poses. Sidenote, during my doctoral work at UNC-Chapel Hill, I had the privilege to take […]


Character Bio — Harry Houdini

He made his mother proud. But for all his achievements, he knew he was only an illusionist. –Houdini, Opening number Ragtime: The Musical. As we discussed in class on Tuesday Feb. 15th, Houdini is one of the many historical characters whose arc is truncated in McNally’s adaptation of Doctorow’s novel. In the musical, Houdini provides […]