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Unfortunately, I was not able to work on the behind the scenes portion of ragtime as much as I would have liked. I participated in the publicity side of the production, doing the photo shoot and performing at a banquet for Duke trustees, but my shop hours were mainly limited to strike. During strike, I […]


Thoughts on Audiences

Despite the fact that I have done plenty of shows before, it always shocks me how much the audience’s reaction can inform my performance over the course of a run. For some reason, there are parts of a show that can’t be fully appreciated if you have seen it or done it time and again. […]


Are You happy yet?

  I start the show entering the stage, drinking in my new surroundings with both hope and anxiety, constantly trying to protect my daughter from the hardships we face on the ship as well as when I am exploring the space and interacting with the other communities in the show. As I move to the […]


Getting Acquainted

In these very early stages of the rehearsal process, the most important task for me has been to start getting to know my character, to understand why he makes decisions the way he does, and building an emotional profile of what makes Tateh an individual. Solidifying and tweaking the back story the novel gives us […]