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A Lens from the Shadows – Part 3

Hello All, Strike is finished! With a weary heart and body, those of us remaining crept out of Reynolds in a cloud of saw dust, debris in our hair, emotionally drained by the entire process that had finally concluded.  The only facial expressions glimmering through the grime were foolish grins dreaming of the showers that […]


A View From the Shadows – Part Two

Hello All, As the lighting assistant for Ragtime I am the board op during the show. Our final rehearsal is done, the show looks gorgeous thanks to our Light Designer, Chuck Catotti, the anticipation rises for opening night. Even as merely a board op, the next 24 hours will be nerve racking, possible disasters trawling […]


An Eye From the Shadows Part 1

Hello All! As the lighting apprentice for the show, I am a member of the Production Crew. I have been working on tech crew in most available positions at some point in time for the last five years, but my main focus has been in lighting (ranging from being a Board Operator, Spotlight Operator, to […]