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For my last blog post, I have decided to talk about strike.  This is the biggest set I have ever and probably/hopefully will ever have to take down but the speed and efficiency in which it fell was amazing.  For the first part of strike, I worked with Sam K on the sound equipment, which […]


Backstage Sound Assistant Experiences

Hi everyone!  As mentioned in my previous blog, I’m one of the sound assistants.  While I worked on sound for the past two Hoof ‘n’ Horn shows, this has been a completely new experience for me and I’ve learned a lot not only about the sound equipment but also about what goes on backstage.  This […]


Hi and the Significance of Musical Theater

Hi everyone!  My name is Josh and I am one of the sound apprentices.  I am really excited for this experience and hope to learn a lot.  Anyways, it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do for my first blog post.  Previously I thought I would write about my experiences […]