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Brigit Out.

Ragtime Rage Time.  Someone wise once told me that after every show you should kill the character you’ve played. Forget their habits, their storyline and their influence on you as a person while going through the process. This hasn’t been a problem this time around – Brigit and I never really bonded, our sole interaction […]


Brigit Mac Giolla Bháin’s Diary : Part 1

Diary Entry 1: 5 January, 1906 Cold, wet day. It feels like I’ve been sea sick for years. Apparently we’ll be arriving soon, thanks be to God. I can barely move without stepping on Jewish feet, or bumping an Italian nose – who would have thought they’d fit all these people onto one boat? It […]


Ragtime: A bit of controversy.

Two months ago I believed that Ragtime was not your every day kick-ball-change musical, drowning in sequins and the clatter of character shoes.  I believed that Ragtime had a message to communicate, and that it was a message that the Duke community needed to hear, and would be bowled over when they heard it. Two […]