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Here comes the fun.  I always joke with others when I mention tech week because I complain that my life is basically going to disappear and I will be stuck seeing the same people for the next week or so and everything is going to be stressful. None of that is a lie, tech-nically.  However, […]


Back in the Pit

It feels nice to back in the pit.  The last time I sat in the pit orchestra, I found myself staring at brand new music a few minutes before the show began.  I had told the pit director I couldn’t juggle Once Upon a Mattress rehearsals and tennis practices during the spring, but somehow all […]



The last time I participated in pit orchestra was three years ago during my junior of high school, when we did Once Upon a Mattress.  Last Tuesday’s class reminded me of why it was such a great, even if completely exhausting, experience.  I feel honored to be able to partake in another musical, and my […]