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Strike and final class

Last Tuesday during the final class, a few of us talked about how close the cast and crew of Ragtime had gotten. We really bonded while making this huge project ready for the stage, and that was also clear to me during strike. There will always be those people during strike who don’t stay long […]


View from the tech table

In our first rehearsal, we spent a full three hours blocking the opening number of the show. Last night, in just under 2.5 hours, we completed the show in full, and it was beautiful. On those pages when I only have one light or sound cue to call, I get to look up and really […]

Though I’ve stage managed musicals at Duke before, I have never been involved in a show this large. Every week I am impressed with how hard everyone is working to make this amazing piece of theater a success. Having four different rehearsal spaces on three different campuses and dealing with the schedules of 41 cast […]



I’m excited about this production of Ragtime and to work with everyone involved. I’m working on remembering everyone’s names; promise!! This is the third show I’ve stage managed (Into the Woods and Aida for HnH), and the prospect of such a large show is both wonderfully exciting and maybe a little bit intimidating. I think […]