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The Era of Ragtime had Ended (and I’m Sad)

Wowwww! What a journey! This show has been an awesome culmination of my Duke theater experience. It was such a big, daunting task that I was unsure it would ever be fulfilled (at least not to the magnitude that it was). However, the play was super successful because of the hard work of everyone involved. […]


First name, Sarah’s. Last name, Friend.

Ok, so that isn’t necessarily true. My name is Adeline Marshall, and I am really good friends with Sarah (despite our lack of interaction during the show). She’s actually my best friend. Our friendship was strained because of Coalhouse, however. She really liked him, but I did not think that their relationship would work. I […]


I DON’T hate musicals!

I don’t think I have ever been a part of a musical to this extent in my life. Not only is the cast extensive, but the amount of people included in the tech aspect of the show, the music, the press, everything, is overwhelming! I am very excited to be a part of such a project. […]