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Enjoy the Trip

Despite the curtain closing and the set being dismantled over a week ago, I still find myself being reminded of Ragtime daily.  The most recent flash of nostalgia came while I was at Bring it On the Musical at DPAC on Sunday.  I had not seen the movie and when the first number began, I […]


Give the Parents and Sponsors Some Credit

As associate producer, I was tasked with raising money for the show by soliciting donations from parents and selling advertisements in the Playbill. Despite the revenue from ticket sales, the donations help the ultimate bottom line of the show, especially when a student group survives almost entirely on the profits (or losses) from shows. Although […]


Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all

Hi Cast, Crew, and Curious Critics As a remember of the production team, I’ve been trying to display my ‘talent’ to keep up with the rest of the class.  After a failed attempt (albeit an attempt none-the-less!) at dancing, I think I’ll stick to what I was brought on board to do and talk about […]