WHAT!!??!?!?!!!! Did that just happen? Did we in fact put on the biggest and best show that Duke has ever seen? The weird thing is I’m not sad about it all being done. I mean I loved the process and those involved and everything, it’s just that it doesn’t feel done, you know? When I turned off the amps, flipped the switch on the mackie board and powered down the sound board I wasn’t drowning in sorrow but was flushed with success. In less than a week I mastered a board I had never worked with and memorized the sound layout for an entire show.
Oddly enough I grew really close to the kids. I know it seems random to say it, but I didn’t expect to really interact with them. But since there were all the mic checks and the taping and the conversing I just grew to love them. I mean, I’m fairly sure that Paul and I are on the same level of maturity.
I guess I should talk about the Sound. But was that all there was for me. I mean, yeah I did some publicity too, but was my role just that which can be put as a title. I feel like I was acting as an administrator of happiness to some degree. To say I didn’t entertain and enthuse the cast would be rude to me. There I go talking about myself again. That really is a problem I should fix. That and my tone of speech. I feel as if people don’t pick up on the underlining satire that I deliver in every satire. If you pay attention you may find out that I’m actually a genius. But that’s just my opinion
Fun Fact about the show: The sound was flawless except for the last performance when during Journey On every single sound cue went off in consecutive order and underscored the entire song (this included the two explosions and gunfire). Since I was so focused on the levels I didn’t even noticed until it already happened.
But I don’t want to end on that note, but rather that the production and it’s people are meaningless because the next show will come along and these will just be the badges of a past show’s success. But what is important is the memories and connections made along the way. You may not know it yet, but Ragtime will creep up on you and the clear chords that once moved your soul will echo once again as an ever looming reminder of the times had and the memories made.