…that yesterday evening, MINUTES after sending off the capstone I’ve been working on (more or less based on all you wonderful people), Pandora played ‘Til We Reach That Day’ for me.

My initial reaction was, “OMG NO STOP KILL IT WITH FIRE”, but before I could skip to the next song, the part where the ensemble came in, after not-Kyler’s solo, started up, and I was inclined to listen.

I swear, I was nearly in tears before the end of the song. Part of it was pure joy at having turned in my final project (and thus essentially FINISHED with my Duke career), but part of it was the understanding that, cliche as it is, said ‘day’ has not been ‘reached’ yet.

It’s like what Ivy said when we had that last class last week: for all the work we’ve done, and how far you’ve come as a production class, and the amazing show you put on, absolutely nothing has changed in terms of social relations. Which is fine, maybe. I mean, if I had chosen to sit with a lot of the H ‘n’ H veterans, instead of #Harlem, I doubt folks would have flown to Vacaville California to trash my 1996 Acura Integra.

But I don’t know that, on accounta I didn’t sit with HnH, I sat with my friends in the Harlem chorus.

It’s the same bent my capstone project ended up taking. We finished the show. We know each other’s names. Everyone is very friendly and receptive–but aside from some Ragtime reunions, and other HnH shows in the future, it seems unlikely that we’ll be making plans to hang out with each other regularly if we didn’t already do so before.

Which, again, is fine. Art doesn’t always imitate life, aside from that pretty glaring parallel between Sarah’s death and the Trayvon Martin case.

I’d like to thank you all again for putting up with my constant picture taking/audio recording (Martavius reminded me ‘the thing had become an appendage’…do you see what he did there? Tyler just thought it was an MP3 player with a hat. I do not see what he did there). It was a great show, and I’m so glad to say I was able to work on it, particularly as my last here.


PS–Why is WordPress telling me “Sarah’s” is not a word? Lame.

PPS–Here’s Martavius eating a brownie: