Last Tuesday during the final class, a few of us talked about how close the cast and crew of Ragtime had gotten. We really bonded while making this huge project ready for the stage, and that was also clear to me during strike. There will always be those people during strike who don’t stay long or who don’t do as much work as others, but after Sunday’s show, there were a lot of people who stayed in Reynolds to get the job done. Many of us were there until 10pm and later, and I know one of the things that kept me going through the exhaustion of doing 5 shows that weekend and then taking down the set was the people who were there with me. We were all clearly exhausted, but we kept each other laughing and smiling through that exhaustion. The last of the students involved with strike left the theater around 10:30pm, and rather than being tired of each other and going to bed, we sat outside McDonald’s, ate ice cream, and chatted. It was really amazing to me that even after hours of hard work that day and throughout the rehearsal process of Ragtime, we still wanted to be with each other.