According to the syllabus, I am supposed to have accrued crew hours before the opening of the show.  I did not do this.  But, I did stay at strike until 10:30pm which is much later than a lot of the cast.  I’ll count this extra time as my crew hours.  I understand it might not actually count as crew hours.  During that time we finished taking down the set and began to move trolleys stacked with platforms around downstairs.  Besides getting my hand jammed between one of these busty trolleys and a door, it was good fun.  I was surprised that our help was still needed.  The set had been struck.  There was not a trace upon the stage.  Yet, there was still a lot more to do.  The lights and booms had to be tended to and the stage had to be prepped for the next show.  I really appreciate now the endless effort of constructing and deconstructing such a popular venue like Reynolds. The Theater operations staff are amazing! It was great to work with them during the production and for strike. Cheers!

Michael Oliver