Unfortunately I wasn’t able to help much in the way of shop hours. I was however able to table 3 times during the run of the show. That was certainly an interesting experience especially since it was right around blue devil days and many parents of prospective freshman were. The act of shouting “free shot glasses” to the crowds that consisted of young high schoolers and their parents was interesting to say the least. But I know that it got their attention and I know that it is for that very reason (the attention grabbing marketing campaign) that got people in the seats of Reynolds.

During strike I was a part of the costume crew and that was interesting because I learned that there is so much more to costumes than just picking the clothes to put on bodies. It’s a lot of work to sort the clothes and make sure everything is accounted for and that the clothes are the same condition it started in. I’ve definitely grown a new appreciation for the costume shop and all the work that it does.