During the show I tabled twice. It was a lot of fun because I had at lease one other person tabling with me both times. Also, we usually saw a bunch of people from Ragtime on the plaza who would come sit with us. It was really fun to talk to people about the show. I found that parents of prospective freshmen were really interested in the show. Some people looked like they had heard of it while others had not.

During strike I was on the set crew. At first it was surreal to take apart this set that we performed on just an hour before. However, it soon became clear that the crew that was in charge of the set worked like a well oiled machine. Before I knew it, beams were being taken down and things were being unscrewed. The cast was hesitant to step in and help because they all seemed so professional and we didn’t know where we fit in. Eventually, we were fighting over screw guns because we all wanted to help.