Unfortunately, I was not able to work on the behind the scenes portion of ragtime as much as I would have liked. I participated in the publicity side of the production, doing the photo shoot and performing at a banquet for Duke trustees, but my shop hours were mainly limited to strike. During strike, I showed my true skill at stagecraft. This included handing Lindsay tools, picking up screws, carrying props up to the prop shop, and letting more qualified people than me do dangerous things with large pieces of wood.

After this, I moved down to the loading dock, where I spent the rest of strike moving the disassembled set from the shop’s freight elevator to a dumpster. It was a rather macabre goodbye to the set, discarding it piece by piece.

I really want to thank all the people who did more substantial work on the set. It was a remarkable accomplishment, and lent a credibility and professionalism to the production that the cast carried on stage with them every night.