As I left our last class on Tuesday I reflected on my time working on Ragtime. Not only did it define this semester for me, Ragtime really defined my freshman year. With all the stress that accompanies the end of a semester its hard to think about anything other than finals or summer but I tried to take a moment to meditate on what I had accomplished my first year here at Duke and I kept coming back to Ragtime. I don’t think it really hit me until I walked in for the last ten minutes or so of the matinee on Sunday how proud I was to have been a part of such a phenomenal show.

I remember walking into the first production meeting, notebook in hand, not sure what to expect. After introducing myself and stating that I was going to be doing props for the show the general reaction at the table (as far as interpreted it) was “Woah – have fun with that!” Needless to say I was a little scared. The feeling of “What have I gotten myself into?” waxed and waned as the production went on but it was nothing compared to the pride and accomplishment I felt at a job well done when it was all over. Of course, I can’t take anything near full credit for the props on the show as so many wonderful people helped me during the entire production.  It’s still hard to believe that its over, I catch myself thinking, “When do I have to go into the design studio?” or humming  “What a Game” but every time I think about it I smile at the mental image of everything coming together on opening night and how beautiful the show was when it was completely together.

I still have three more years here at Duke but I believe that working on Ragtime will always be one of the highlights of my college career!