So I just went to see the show Friday night, and there are simply so few words that can use to describe how incredible the show was. I was stunned by the depth and and realism of the time period that was so artfully portrayed by each and every actor and actress, and I fully believe that every member of the audience felt the same way walking out of each performance. We had been discussing earlier in the class how much we wanted the audience to feel “wowed” by the harsh reality of the time period that Ragtime underscores, and each member of the cast exceeded my expectations. What really struck me was the emphasis on doing what is right and standing up for one’s beliefs and rights, and the sad reality that whoever did so (Coalhouse and Sarah especially) ended up failing in the end. Booker T. Washington’s role showed the opposite viewpoint: if one is submissive and accepts the unfair prejudices that were held against the immigrants and the African Americans, eventually, with patience, things will hopefully change for the better. And sadly, the actors showed that that was the only way to live in such a society, and that resistance to the common belief system would be futile. Without a doubt, that was one of the most moving theatrical productions I have seen in my lifetime, and working as part of the crew to help put together such an inspiring show will be a treasured memory. Although my work as a set painter was done before the performances began, I feel so honored to be a part of such a talented group of people who genuinely want to work hard and put together a stunning show. Thanks!