Kim & Jules went “high-tech” for the lobby display. The wonderful folks at Theater Operations put up a large flatscreen TV and we’ll be running this Prezi off a laptop every night.

There it will show on a continuous loop and each slide gets about 10 seconds, which we’re hoping gives people enough time to read the text and enjoy the images. There are no YouTube clips because autoplay doesn’t yet give you the ability to finesse the timing, but if you want to see some moving images check out the LINK Media Wall tomorrow (Friday 4/6) and you’ll get to see the work Jules did with Sarah Goetz in the Department of Visual Studies.

The Prezi below allows you to click through at your own speed. If it gets gummed up with uploading be patient. Prezi’s been going through some server issues over the past week. Fortunately the lobby version has been downloaded so won’t need a web connection to run.