Watching the show come together has been so amazing. I reflected last time on the amazing talent Ragtime has in both the cast and the technical crew. Everyone is so dedicated and hardworking, they’ve really made something special. I’d really like to talk about the tech crew now though. Listening over the headset, I never realized how much work goes on even during the show. I want to really give a shout out to Ruthie for all of her hard work both before, during, and after the show. Calling over 200 light and sound cues with precise timing takes a lot of concentration and patience. Furthermore, I’d like to thank my fellow assistant stage managers Kelly and Melanie for working so hard and well. More shout outs to everyone in costumes, stage design, lighting, sound (See you Josh), and to the rest of the crew who helped made this show possible.

Reflecting on the production itself though, I’d like to talk about one of my favorite scenes, He Wanted to Say. This scene is amazing because we have the radicalist Emma Goldman speaking the mind of the privileged suburban white boy who is unable to speak truthfully about his feelings. He wants to be brave and stand up for justice, to get revenge for Sarah, to help Coalhouse and fight against the injustice he sees in the world. Coalhouse shares the same feelings of justice and revenge, but at his heart I feel that he wishes he could just live a simple life with his wife and son. Coalhouse envies what Younger Brother had. I wonder if Coalhouse thought about why this boy wanted to help him fight his war against the crimes that were committed primarily against him. At the end though, neither of them can say how they truly feel and it ends with “I know how to blow things up.”