As associate producer, I was tasked with raising money for the show by soliciting donations from parents and selling advertisements in the Playbill. Despite the revenue from ticket sales, the donations help the ultimate bottom line of the show, especially when a student group survives almost entirely on the profits (or losses) from shows. Although we were fortunate enough to have great partners in different Duke Departments (Theater Studies, Dance and Music) and get money from the University, it is still important to try to operate as efficiently as possible and earn back as much of the investment as possible.

Starting with parents, I think they deserve some serious recognition. Not only did they of course give birth and raise the amazing talent in the show, but they continue to stay involved in the lives of their kids. In reaching out to parents, it is important to make sure that they recognize how important their son or daughter has been to the production (everyone has been vital in their own way). A lot of parents unfortunately won’t be able to attend the show so I wanted to give them the chance to be a part of the production and feel some ownership of and connection to it. Whether is donating money to help sustain Hoof ‘n’ Horn, to buying cupcakes from Mad Hatters for their daughter’s birthday, their kind contributions have greatly helped the current production. To the parents coming to the show, I look forward to meeting y’all and will be the guy saving seats and making sure you get the perfect view of your child. To the parents not able to come to the show (including mine back in Texas…) I just wanted to reach out again and say if there is anything I can do to help you get involved or feel a part of the production, please let me know. (

To the sponsors – finding you all was tough! Whether the production team was going to loyo for a meeting and asking for the manager to reaching out to local mom-and-pop shops in Durham, we worked hard to both inform the community about the production and give them the opportunity to enter a mutually beneficial relationship with us. We offered advertisements in the Playbill in exchange for donations (both monetary and product donations). We sincerely would like to a thank all of our sponsors again for their support and hope to see some of them in the audience!

I know this post has taken a slightly different shape than most of the other posts on this blog, but as Jules said we need to ‘explore our character’. The ever-glamorous role of asking for money and promote the show has afforded my character a unique experience in this production and I’m so glad I jumped on this opportunity starting last year.

Also, just came from ACT I of the final dress rehearsal and things look INCREDIBLE. Congrats to the cast and crew, break a leg tomorrow night and I look forward to seeing everyone at the show!