Alright, so I’m supposed to write about my journey as a character. Here we go.


So Younger Brother begins the show as a largely integrated part of the New Rochelle community. He has, up to this point, lived his life without questioning anything and has very much followed an expected path working with his brother-in-law as a part of the family business. Though an adult he still lives with his sister and father and in the beginning of the show he starts to question his position. In some ways he is like Mother without all the implications of being a woman in the early 1900s. He becomes dissatisfied with the role that society has put him in and seeks fulfillment outside of his limited surroundings.

At this point Younger Brother becomes obsessed with Evelyn Nesbit. He calls it love, but it is in actuality an obsessive manifestation of his passionate desire to find something to fill his empty life. When he is disillusioned after meeting Evelyn he begins to neglect his duties as a member of the family. He leaves the situation at home with Sarah to Mother and spends his time roaming New York. Once Coalhouse begins to come to the house he is fascinated by the relationship that Coalhouse and Sarah have. Their love provokes another change that motivates him to find a cause and begins to instill in him a notion of humanity in a group of people with which he has had little prior contact.

It is at this point that he stumbles into the rally at Union Square and at last finds a cause he can call his own. His searching is done and he now knows what to believe in. Once Coalhouse’s car is destroyed, Younger Brother sympathizes with his search for justice. His loyalty to Coalhouse’s case is so strong that he is forced to remove himself from the home in order to escape Father’s inability to understand. Furthermore, he decides that he wishes to become more heavily involved and actually seeks out Coalhouse’s Gang. He is able to convince them of his loyalty and helps them to create the bombs they use to take the Morgan Library hostage.

When Coalhouse changes his demands Younger Brother is devastated by what he sees as a compromise of justice and leaves to find it elsewhere (ie. Mexico).
The End