Through all the gilts and glamour, I feel like I am always trying to make sure my head doesn’t get to big. I’ve been told that this is some of the best board oping they’ve seen a student do in some time, and this isn’t even counting the fact that I just started using the board a few days ago. If you don’t know me…who am I kidding, you know me, I’m Sam. Sound apprentice extraordinaire. I talk about myself so much that in every blog post I capitalize the letters in the title that spell out my name. At the age of 10 I taught myself to spell the letters S, A, and M with my legs. What I’m trying to say is, I don’t need to describe myself anymore. Time to talk business. It is officially Business Time. IT has been interesting working the board in Reynolds. I mean I’ve teched in Scheafer and Brody but never Reynolds and ITS AMAZING!!! The board gives me so much power and control of the stage, it’s like I’m dancing with it every night trying to get the steps and choreography just right every time (holla to the dancers out there that feel my pain). While at the same time it’s an ever changing video game with each night bring a different level of difficulty or boss battle (holla to the gamers out there that are clearly giant geeks and single like me). What I’m trying to say is this has been an amazing process and I’m so glad I’m involved in this fantastic show. Actually the only reason I wanted to do sound for Ragtime was so that I could work on the board in Reynolds (and getting closer to Martavius of course). Now is just the part where I figure out people levels and try to keep up with the explosive and waning tendency of their voices. It’s been fantastic working with my masters of sound as well. Bart is a really chill guy and can give a lot of insight into the finer tuning of sound concepts. Also Jen is the BEST!!! she’s super friendly, gives me tips on sound design that will benefit HnH in years to come and she is really supportive for the times I completely screw up and set the gunfire cue off when it is just father and mother having a conversation (yes that did happen tonight). I guess I’m not as awesome as I try to appear, but that could just be me trying this new humble thing out (people always keep trying to make me do it but I can never see why).

sincerely me