As we return from Spring Break, there is a delicious anticipation in the air, as well as a sense of urgency as we realize the daunting task we have before us. With the majority of the show being blocked, rehearsed, and choreographed, we have now begun to stumble through (often quite literally) through the show. The progress is often slow, but I know in the end that all time and effort will be well worth it. We have the bones of the show in place; now it is time to add the flesh, the depth, and, of course, the pizzazz.
At this point in the show, it is often easy to settle into a mindless routine, to think about the character that I have developed thus far and be content. Just over three weeks out from opening night, the frenzy of tech week has not yet begun, when we will (hopefully) know the show back and forth and can work on adding that “pizzazz.” I have begun to realize, however, that it is important to never settle; even as my mind races to think of where I have to be next, what song is coming up, and where my exits and entrances are, it is important to continue to build character. It is not enough to complete a run of the show; I must continue to create mannerisms, internal dialogue, and connections with other characters in the show. That way, on April 5th, I will be able to deliver the best performance that I can. That is my challenge to myself, from now until opening night: to strive to create a more dynamic performance rather than rest on the fruits of my labors. Because no matter how phenomenal the score, script, and blocking is, the show will not sparkle unless each one of us finds out how to shine. I am confident, though that we can accomplish this task. I think I hear the music of something fantastic beginning.