Going abroad was a break from many things: Duke, America and everything in between.  After my family came to visit me over Thansgiving, I spent the last couple of weeks growing increasingly homesick, Dukesick and USAsick.  I missed English, normal currency, people smiling at the checkout counter, waiters being pleasant, my family, calling/txting whenever I wanted, Out of the Blue, Kappa, my best friends, Hoof n’ Horn and performing in general.  Singing in the shower and my dorm room abroad did little to tide me over, and my roommate from NYU wasn’t particularly fond of my peppy nature…  so yes, I missed being home.

Home for me is a lot of different places, all equally important to me.  Home is back in Michigan with my mom, dad and older twin sisters.  Home is my summer home in Chautauqua when my extended family comes to visit.  Home is my dorm room with my roommate and I snuggled up watching Harry Potter.  Home is on stage with a familial cast on all sides of me.  Let’s just say that on the first Tuesday of Ragtime class with everyone in the room, I finally felt home.

I left rehearsal that day feeling extremely excited about the show and being back on campus.  The music, the collaboration with the Theater Studies department, the rest of that cast, it was already coming together beautifully and I get to be a part of it.  Singing is a release for me and performing is my passion and to finally be able to do both of those again after such a long time away is what I was looking forward to most with getting to Duke for the spring.

oxoxo ry