I know what you’re thinking, “there are so many posts, whose shall I read”. Well the reason why mine are superior is that I’m kind of a big deal. As the sound apprentice I will be learning the ins and outs of Reynolds. But what you don’t know is, I will also be in charge of the sound board, people’s levels, and any aspect of the show that requires audition. Let’s take martavius for instance. Let’s say one day he decides to get on my bad side right before a show. Then I may accidentally forget to turn on his mic. Whoops! No Coalhouse. I know what your thinking, “but Sam, what about the other guy that’s not as cool as you”. Don’t worry about Josh, I got that all under control.
Today is the first time all us PC people are going to meet and I am extremely excited to meet all the people that I’m going to be working with today. Admittedly I already know most of the people and spend a good chunk of time with them to a point where they can start to get on my last nerve. Cough, Cough, Karmyn Cough. It should be a lot of fun regardless. I also finally have someone to teach me the stuff. There was a time when we were waiting on a sound guy named Badger Coon (no joke, his parents must have hated him), but he ditched us and now I will be working with Bart Matthews. Not gonna lie, when was told that there was the possibility that we wouldn’t have a sound guy I was kind of scared.i know what your thinking, “Sam how could you be scared,and stop assuming what we are going to say”. It was a bit overwhelming since the past two winter hoof ‘n’ horn shows have had sound that was guided by me and both times the sound was awful (no worries though). My plan with this show is to make the sound so overwhelming that the muses of theater will weep at the amazing sound quality to the point where the audience gives the sound booth a standing ovation. Let’s see if I hit all the things on my check list. Mention Martavius in a passive aggressive manner. Check. Directly insult Karmyn. Check. Talk about my actual job a bit. Check. Say what I’m doing right now. Almost forgot to mention that I’m in Chem 32 lecture right now. Also let’s get Sam in the word cloud. If you are reading this, next time you make a post, tag Sam and lets make it as big as possible!