Contrary to what the title of this post seems to be saying I have in fact been a part of a musical before. I guess what I am trying to really get at is that I–as a freshman–am in this giant department run musical and a freshman. I can’t get over that small fact. I remember in high school, auditioning for a show here seemed like such a daunting task to take on. People would always tell me to not expect much and that freshman never get in; not necessarily talking about Duke but about college theatre in general. But here I am. I made it. And I’ve grown. It is so a like to what I am used and at the same time so completely different and that is what I love about it.

First let me start of by saying that I cannot describe how excited I am to be a part of this musical again. I absolutely love the music of this show; how epic and grand it is and I can already feel that this production will be memorable. As we started this journey of putting together Ragtime I guess I thought that it would feel the same as when I did it the first time. I thought that I could use what I had learned previously and that was that. In some ways it is still the same. I still get chills listening to the music, I still get ridiculously excited when I see the show come to life, but I realize now as we are just about 3 weeks in that this is a completely different musical. This is not my high school production, this is Duke’s Ragtime. This is a new process; there are new people and new blocking and a new set and I need to grow along with this new process. It’s going to take some getting used to but I am diving in head first, giving all that I’ve got to bring Duke’s Ragtime to life and to grow as a person and an actress.