I don’t think I have ever been a part of a musical to this extent in my life. Not only is the cast extensive, but the amount of people included in the tech aspect of the show, the music, the press, everything, is overwhelming! I am very excited to be a part of such a project. I love musicals and coming into this, I was unfamiliar with the story of “Ragtime.” I knew Audra McDonald had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard, but other than that, I knew nothing. I am falling in love with the show and find the soundtrack on loop in my head at all times.

I know everyone in the show loves musicals. In a class discussion, while discussing the impact of musicals/the impact of musicals versus straight plays, the class seemed to all be on the same page. The general consensus was musicals are awesome and a better way of expression on the stage than other forms of theater. Soon, everyone was repeating the same ideas. I always like to play “Devil’s Advocate” and be the voice of dissent. I stated that some people (not my personal opinion) do not like musicals and would prefer to hear dialogue spoken and not sung. I was immediately labeled as the person who hates musicals, when I love musicals and prefer them to almost any other type of theater! I guess I got what was coming to me being the dissenting voice.

I thoroughly enjoy all of my experiences in this show. It is so extensive that, oftentimes, we do not see a scene for weeks after we block it. It can be a bit frustrating at times, but it is a glimpse into the real world of theater. I feel this is the most professional show I have been a part of, and I cannot wait to see/perform in it.