We closed the month of January with the second of three vocal workshops with Dr. Elizabeth Linnartz of Duke’s Department of Music.

Dr. Linnartz reminds us that healthy bodies make for healthy voices.

FYI, there are now links to vocal care information and service sites (including Duke’s own Voice Care Center) on the front page of the blog.

Practicing how to take that "Moby Dick size, whale of a breath" to sustain the notes in Ragtime.

Professor Kelley put you through your paces on the details of those 9 or so measures that close out the opening number in Ragtime. I’m sure I’m biased but for this being only the third cast meeting of the semester, and the second short vocal rehearsal of the group, AND singing without accompaniment, ya’ll sound A-mazing. We’re going to be one force to be reckoned with come April.