I’m a sophomore who will be working on the tech side of Ragtime and am so pumped for this show!!!!! This show is going to be colossal and it’s an honor to be working with such talented people. As for my current state I’m devastated. I had to miss my first class today (well first full class since last week I missed half of class because I was coming from The Mystery of Edwin Drood rehearsal) and missed out on working with Dr. Linnartz, whom I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting face to face although we have e-mailed in the past about the vocal arts. I will be involved in sound design for this show and am very excited to be formally trained in sound design. Although I have had a taste before by working with friends in the past in Hoof ‘n’ Horn shows such as Chess and Aida, this will be the first time being professionally taught the sound layout of the theaters I work in on an almost daily basis. I’m very excited for the show and am 100% confident that people will be talking about Ragtime for the rest of my time hear at Duke.