..of a time before iPods, staying late after school so my friend could physically hand me the CD her parents had purchased her after having gone to see Ragtime themselves. I was in fifth grade. There were two CDs, I think, and she had marked (on an actual piece of paper) all her favorite songs.

That night, I listened to ‘New Music’ until after midnight, which was a big deal for me as a ten-year-old. Since then, I’ve seen a few of the original actors live in other shows, and listen to the score as frequently as Pandora will allow me. Needless to say, I’m pretty glad this is how I bow out of Duke.

ALSO: If you’re as obssessed with Brian Stokes Mitchell (Coalhouse) as I am, you may enjoy this.

OR, if you’re *really* crazy, the 2006 Carols for a Cure–BSM does a cover of ‘Birthday of a King’ that will actually kill you.

Okay. Enough raving.