I am a current freshman. I have not previously worked on any Theatre Studies shows, although I have been on PC for the last two Hoof ‘n’ Horn shows, Company and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I was assistant technical director for Company and co-technical director for Drood. I am rather eager to get a taste of Duke theatre outside of HnH.

When I read the novel Ragtime over winter break, I was rather confused about how it would become a musical. The novel included so many vignettes, glimpses into the lives of characters that seemed only related to each other by thin strings of plot detail. After sitting through the Act I and Act II read-throughs in the last two weeks, I have come to see how well the characters blend together into a masterpiece of both literature and musical theatre. I am now incredibly excited to work on this show. I am so impressed by the talent of the students cast, and the music written for this show is outstanding.

I’m only two weeks into it, but I am way more excited about this show than I was before we started meeting for class this semester.

So far, one of my favorite songs is “Wheels of a Dream”.