The world of marketing/PR is completely new to me. And even though I’ve always enjoyed watching musicals, movies, and other theatrical productions, I had little experience with what kind of work goes into producing these shows–until now. Stepping into class the first two days pushed me into a loud classroom full of fellow Duke students and professors who I was not familiar with. Being a senior, I’m used to seeing the same students and professors in my classes, and I immediately felt a little outside my comfort zone. But the energy was intoxicating. Sitting through the readings of the first two acts not only introduced me to the immense talent of students here but also showed me how much fun I’m going to have being a part of the show.

Sure enough by the second week I was handing out stickers I had created for the show and seeing the excited faces and hearing the positive feedback made me feel even more included. The marketing team has a great dynamic that allows us to bounce creative ideas off each other and this dynamic will undoubtedly allow us to showcase to other Duke students and the surrounding community the hard work and high energy that this show is about. Be on the lookout for upcoming PR gear, promotional photos, and an opening night party which are all in the works!

This may be a whole new world to me but I’m making it my own and I’m so excited to do so.